Our Story

We’re a team of seasoned technology entrepreneurs that began investing in CRE a few years ago. Coming from a technology background, we quickly became disappointed with the available tools in the industry: they were confusing to use, they didn’t solve all our needs, and we had to buy 5 different tools just to get the basics — things like: getting simple property info, getting important insights to help value a deal or tell the right story, or discovering who the best tenant prospects would be.

Before we even began building, we tested every product on the market and we interviewed over 150 CRE firms so we could really make sure we were doing things right.

Our passion for some of the problems continued to grow and we learned that everyone was having the same issues. So, we eventually decided to build a truly world-class solution for the CRE industry. We wanted something that could be an all-in-one type tool while still being super easy to use.

It took us well over a year of development before we even launched our beta, but AlphaMap was finally born.

The largest CRE firms have teams to build custom in-house tools and they spend hundreds of thousands on data in order to get an edge in the market. AlphaMap is better, faster, and easier than anything those CRE firms can build in-house, and we’re making it accessible to the whole CRE industry. We’re spending millions of dollars on data that even those big firms would be hard-pressed to get, but since we’re a subscription software tool, we can spread the cost across numerous firms and bring the cost down to an affordable level for each customer.

The Future

Compared to other industries, CRE has been lagging in terms of world-class software. Tool after tool is plagued with the same problems. But we’re changing that. We’re confident that you’ll see something different and refreshing with AlphaMap, and it’ll likely be one of the only tools you’ll ever need.

Team AlphaMap