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Discover AlphaMap: the effortlessly intuitive GIS tool that operates just like Google Maps. No training required; you'll grasp it instantly. Whether you're impressing clients, outpacing competitors, or delving deep into analysis, AlphaMap could be your ultimate solution.

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Still finding tenants the old way? Time for an update! Use the most advanced tenant recommendation engine ever created to find your next tenant in seconds.

  • Largest brand database
    Over 100,000 brands from national retailers to mom-and-pop shops.
  • Most extensive contact info database for brands
  • Automated Match Analysis reports to send to prospects
Screenshot showing AlphaMap Property Records

Property Records

Get info related to official records that we’ve collected from numerous different sources:

  • Current Property Owners and contact info
  • Ownership History
  • Tax history
  • Debt History
  • Tenant Details
  • Building, Lot, and Location Details
Screenshot showing AlphaMap Foot Traffic

Foot Traffic

We analyze data from over 100 million cell-phones so you can get detailed foot-traffic insights on properties across the US:

  • Foot-Traffic Visitation Trends over time
  • Hourly Foot-Traffic
  • Daily Foot-Traffic
  • Average Visit Duration & Cross-Visitation
  • Capture Rate & Customer Retention
  • Customer Demographic Profile
Screenshot showing AlphaMap Report & Map Builder

Report & Map Builder

The easiest way to build custom reports and aerial maps to download and share for marketing, tours and presentations.

  • Customizable Templates & Branding
  • Brand Logos
Screenshot showing AlphaMap Location Rankings

Location Rankings

Using our powerful foot-traffic data, we allow you to check the performance of a property or brand in numerous ways:

  • Same Brand
    Compare performance of a location against the rest of the same brand — within a city, state, or the whole nation.
  • Same Category
    Compare performance of a place against other locations in the same category of business — within a city, state, or across the whole nation.
  • Trends
    See how relative performance has changed over time
Screenshot showing AlphaMap Car Traffic

Car Traffic

Nationwide coverage of AADT car traffic values for over 2.65 million miles of road.

  • Directional traffic counts
  • Daily traffic counts
  • Hourly traffic counts
Screenshot showing AlphaMap Trade Area

Trade Area

Gain actionable consumer insights on population, demographics, shopping behavior and more!

  • Trade Area by Foot-Traffic
    See where actual customers live and work (using data from over 100M cell-phones). This is arguably the most accurate way to analyze a real trade area, but it’s just beginning to get popular in the industry.
  • Trade Area by Drive-Time
    Visually see how long it takes to go to or from a property.
  • Trade Area by Radius
    Analyze an area with the old-school radius rings method.
Screenshot showing AlphaMap Population & Demographics

Population & Demographics

For any property or place, easily get the population and demographic statistics you need.

  • Current & Five Year forecast for all population & demographic stats
  • Current & Five Year forecast for consumer expenditure

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AlphaMap Screenshot
AlphaMap Screenshot